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There are several ways to show our live stream on TV. Here are a few options:

Chromecast enabled TVs:
While watching our live stream at on any Google Chrome browser (PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device), you can send the video to a Chromecast Device (i.e. Chromecast stick or Chromecast smart TV) by pressing or clicking on the Chromecast logo.

Apple TV:
Our Chavda Ministries Apple TV app is available by searching Chavda Ministries in the Apple TV App store. Click on Live Streaming to view the live stream after downloading.

Airplay mirroring:
You can mirror the video from your iPhone or iPad to any Apple TV or Airplay enabled smart TV, whether watching on our web site or on Facebook using Airplay Mirroring.

Cast your video from Facebook Live on your mobile phone to your Roku Device. Here are step by step instructions on how to setup:

Amazon Firestick:
Cast your video from Facebook Live or to your Amazon Firestick TV. Make sure Enable Display Mirroring is on in your settings of your Firestick TV. iOS users can install AirScreen on Fire sticks to enable AirPlay mirroring.

Computer to TV direct connection:
Connect your computer directly to your TV using an HDMI cable. Watch our live stream at on any web browser.

For any issues viewing our live video, contact us at 


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